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“Intelligence plus character - That is the goal of true education.” Martin Luther King Jr.

What is the Student Council?

Hello to all, our names are Jacob Dolan Holmes (School Captain) and Daniel Seery (Deputy School Captain). We are delighted to be chosen to represent our school for the 2018/2019 school year and would like to welcome back all the students and staff to Oatlands College. We would also like to extend our greatest welcome to our new students and staff members also.

Daniel and I have many tasks as the captains of the school such as delivering speeches to incoming first years, welcoming our Transition Years to the musical process, aiding Ms.Garrett in the running of Prize and Grad Night and even representing the school in meetings with our Taoiseach but in my opinion our most important role is the running of student council as the chairman and deputy chairman. Each class gets assigned a class captain and a deputy class captain to represent them. We meet every second Wednesday for all our members to attend and to share their views on the items on the agenda, but we also encourage students to bring up their own issues and to allow the council to discuss and debate the best and most effective way to deal with this issue. Student Council aims to give every student a voice and we work extremely hard in making sure that voice is heard.

Daniel and I's utmost priority is student wellbeing. Our goal is to ensure that every student has a place and a voice within the school. We work along side Ms.Garrett, our principal and our student council to tackle problems that might hinder student life. We also organise events such as Mental Health week which is a week where students are encouraged to take a break and relax. We do this by having a school wide walk around the grounds everyday, each year gets an organised event, such as a soccer marathon, video game day, etc. Mental Health is a huge issue facing young people today and Daniel and I want to increase the amount of awareness that the student council does for this issue.

; On top of this we want to also continue Oatlands' charitable efforts, continuing to help Father Tony, our incredible Parish Priest, with his efforts to raise money for MS. We also like to further our charity to extend into Mental Health and we have extremely some exciting ideas for that.

Thank you.Jacob and Daniel


Daniel Seery Student Vice President