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“Intelligence plus character - That is the goal of true education.” Martin Luther King Jr.

What is the Student Council?

Student leadership is very important in our school. The President of the Student Council, Vice President and 6th year prefects have a key role in representing the school and supporting and guiding their fellow students, especially in Junior Cycle. The President for 2017/18 is Darren Kavanagh. The Vice President is Hugh Mulligan. We wish them well in the year ahead. Welcome to the Oatlands College Student Council page! Now some of you reading this may be unsure of what a Student Council is, what it’s purpose is, as well as how does it work; so, allow me to explain. The Student Council is an institution within Oatlands College, completely run by students, with the express purpose of voicing the student body’s opinions on school matters, as well as representing the student body’s realistic needs and wants.

The Student Council is made up of a Chairman and Deputy Chairman – referred to in the school as School Captain and Deputy School Captain – and 36 Class Representatives. I am this year’s School Captain and my name is Darren Kavanagh. This year’s Deputy School Captain, and my right-hand man, is Hugh Mulligan. We, as the School Captain and Deputy School Captain are the principal students within the school, as well as being responsible for the running of the student council; with the two of us mandated to act as impartial chairman of the council. The 36 Class Representatives are made up of 18 Class Captains and 18 Deputy Class Captains. Their basic purpose is to act as a conduit of information and ideas for their class-mates in Council meetings, as well as to become a leader and role model figure within their year and class group. Of the 36 Class Representatives, a select number of students (usually seniors) will be appointed by myself, the School Captain, to an executive position on the council as an officer of a department. Those appointed as executives/officers will automatically become members of the Executive Committee within the council. This committee is responsible for the overall effective running of the council.

A new Student Council is elected every year within the school. As the School Captain and Deputy School Captain are always 6th years, every year will always see a new School Captain and Deputy. The School Captain and Deputy are always elected at the end of the previous school year so they are ready to get straight into action in the new school year. The School Captain and Deputy are always elected by their year group (being 5th years at the time). Similarly to the election of the School Captain and Deputy, Class Captains and Deputies are usually elected at the end of the previous school year, also. However, due to unforeseen circumstances this may not always be the case.

Thank you for taking the time to read about the student council, and if you are a student, do not hesitate to stop either myself or Hugh on the corridors and ask us a question.

Written by Darren Kavanagh (School Captain)