Student Council

Our Student Council  

Myself, Fionn and Yusuf are honoured to be elected by our fellow peers and teachers to represent the students and act as a voice for pupils in the school.  After six brilliant years in Oatlands, experiencing good times and bad I have come to figure out that the atmosphere in this school is truly brilliant. With a diverse group of lads in the school with different interests, it becomes very easy to form great relationships. This brilliant atmosphere created by staff and students encourages everyone to uphold strong values such as respect and kindness. The relationship that the teachers create with all their students plays no small part in a successful and happy education. As Student Presidents we intend to focus on upholding this strong link between students and teachers but also ensure the happiness of everyone in the school. I know personally whenever I have been struggling with anything in life, my friends here in Oatlands have helped immensely to put a smile on my face and I intend to return this fantastic support that they have shown me. We know that this particular year causes many obstacles for everyone in the school however we aim not to see Covid as an excuse not to do something but an obstacle that we can all get around.  

The Student Council's role in the school is to act as the representative body for the students. The Student Presidents oversee the Council and bring issues and solutions to the staff and Principal on the students' behalf. Our meetings take place approximately every two weeks. A Captain and Vice-Captain is elected from every class, however due to Covid restrictions they cannot all attend every meeting. We have had to improvise by optingfor a rotational system where there would be two representatives from each year that would attend every meeting and these two reps would differ each meeting.