Student Council

Louis Kelleher - Student President

Our Student Council

Student Voice

“Intelligence plus character - That is the goal of true education.” Martin Luther King Jr.

As we enter our last year in Oatlands College we am very thankful to have been chosen to represent the student body of the school, and to lead the Student Council. Throughout our time in Oatlands to date, we have come to see, feel and know that it is the students who are at the heart of our school community. And it is a pretty hectic and diverse community, one that teaches us something new each week, and one which has brought us to a space where we look back and barely recognise ourselves as the First Years who stepped through the doors five years ago.


As students at Oatlands College we are encouraged at all times to uphold the strong values of the school, including respect and kindness for each other and for our teachers. As Student Presidents we aim to lead by example and provide a strong link between students and staff, to ensure that the student voice continues to be represented and heard.


Student Council meetings take place every 2 weeks. A Captain and Vice-Captain is elected by each class and they are expected to attend each meeting. There, we discuss and implement suggestions for the enhancement of student life, organise fundraisers for our chosen charities and represent Oatlands College whenever necessary. The Student Council is an extremely important feature of student life.




Jacky O'Halloran -Student Vice President