6th Year Parent Comments

thank you for this meeting really appreciate your time at a really busy time for you all

thanks Mrs Garrett and team for all your support to our sons

many thanks to all the Oatlands staff for wonderful support over the last 2 years and particularly in the last couple of months. appreciate the huge work ahead of staff

Ms Garrett and all the teachers - thank you for all your hard work and diligence at this very difficult time - tough task ahead of you - certainly not easy - so thank you so much to all

Well done on tonight's presentation and best of luck in the grading process to all the teachers and staff.

Thanks to you all for your support for all the boys its been really great and also to recognise their end of year activities not just the academic side

Well done Otlands, thank you.

Thank you Oatlands!!!

Thanks to you all. Good luck over the coming weeks, an unenviable task.  You have given me confidence that it will be fair and equitable.  The communications will be one of the hardest tasks to manage......I would suggest you nominate an individual to prepare a script for FAQs.  The chat Qs from this meeting might be a starting point.  Well done.

Thank you everyone in Oatlands!

Well done all for looking after our boys so well. thank you !

Thank you for tonight. Great to have reassurance

Well Done to All at Oatlands College - Thanks so much!!

Well said everyone! THANK YOU to all in Oatlands....fantastic effort and support....!

Thanks to you all for your time, I can’t even imagine the sleepless nights this has caused.  It is all very appreciated. Regards

Huge thanks to Ms Garrett, Mr Browne, Ms Tobin, Clodagh & all the staff at Oatlands for the incredible work you have done for our son.  Best of luck with the process ahead. 

Agreed thanks to all the team

Thanks to everyone at Oatlands for being so brilliant with the boys.

A massive thank you to Ms Garrett, Ms Tobin, all the teachers and especially to yourself Mr Browne. it has been amazing to watch X  grow into the young man he has become with the help and support of the amazing Oatlands staff. Stay safe and hopefully see you all soon xxxx

thanks for all your support and dedication through all the years and especially over the last few weeks

thank you so much for all of you.

thanks for everything Oatlands staff

Thank you for all the support!

I'm crying at this impromptu end of school evening. Thank you to everyone in Oatlands for 6 wonderful years and for your fantastic handling of this crazy time.