Code of Conduct for School WhatsApp Groups

  • The school WhatsApp Contact groups are set up by the Parents’ Council with the Parent Council Year Representative acting as the Administrator/as one of the Administrators for each year group. The school does not monitor the contact groups or communicate with parents via the contact groups.

  • These groups are intended to facilitate communication by the Parents’ Council with school parents and guardians and to allow parents of each year group to communicate easily with each other regarding school/class matters, e.g., homework, school events etc.

  • The Parents’ Council may communicate upcoming Council events, fundraising activities, third-party courses, and other activities which may be of interest to parents via the WhatsApp Contact groups.

  • Messages posted on school WhatsApp Contact Groups should always be respectful in language and tone.

  • Any opinions expressed are the opinions of individual members and may not be representative of the whole group or the Parents’ Council. Group administrators are not responsible for any comments posted by individual members of the group.

  • School WhatsApp groups may not be used to post Inappropriate posts.  Such posts include posting personal and/or business promotions, using inappropriate language, or voicing grievances about any individual members of the group.

  • These groups are not appropriate for airing issues around teaching methods, teaching staff, or school policy. Please deal with the school or teacher directly if you have an issue.

  • Please note that the school has a strict child protection policy on photographs and videos, so please do not circulate any in which a pupil appears unless that image has already appeared on the school website or Twitter account, or you have received the permission of the students’ parents to do so or the permission of the students themselves if they are over 18.

  • All communication in a WhatsApp Contact Group is considered private and should not be disseminated outside that group by any individual member without permission.

  • For individual concerns regarding pupil performance, school policies etc, please raise these directly with the teacher or, where necessary, the School Principal.

  • The group administrator will have the right to remove participants who do not abide by the Code of Conduct from school WhatsApp Contact Groups.

  • By requesting to join a school WhatsApp Contact Group, participants agree to these rules. Please note, by joining a contact group you are sharing your phone number with other parents within your child’s year. Once you join, you always have the option to leave the group.

  • Please don’t block up the group with replies of ‘Thanks’ and, where possible, please don’t post on the groups after 9pm.
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