Learning Support

Learning Support

The principal aim of the Learning Resource Department is to optimise the teaching and learning process in order to enable pupils with specific learning difficulties to achieve adequate levels of proficiency in all curriculum areas.

Resource Department

Ms Mary Dowling
Mr Paul Kiely
Ms Alison Cosgrave
Ms Hazel Ui Mhaonaigh
Ms Deirdre Grimson
Ms Carmel Rainey
Mr Barry O'Brien
Ms Kathrin Riordan
Ms Orla Carroll
Ms Pauline Kelleher

The Role of the Learning Support Department

The Learning Support team provides assistance to students, through early identification, specialist tuition and close liaison with parents, subject teachers, class tutors, year heads and parents/guardians.


  • To identify students with special educational needs as early as possible through a variety of strategies and in consultation with appropriate personnel
  • To develop positive self esteem and positive attitudes about school and learning in pupils
  • To enable pupils to monitor their own learning and become independent learners
  • To provide experiences and opportunities, which allow pupils to develop knowledge understanding and skills, which will ensure progress, promote success and develop self-confidence
  • To create a caring and supportive environment in which students can contribute to the planned provision in relation to their learning needs
  • To develop and utilise all available resources in support of students with special needs
  • To treat all students regardless of ability with respect at all times
  • To provide extra support in the form of classroom assistance where appropriate