Leaving Cert Class of 2020 Information

Dear Students,

Ms Garrett, Ms Mc Donagh and Ms Tobin will speak with you in a zoom meeting this Friday afternoon regarding your results, college offers and appeals process. In advance of this meeting can you please familiarise yourself with the following information.

Results: The Department of Education will issue the results of this year’s Leaving Certificate Calculated Grades process on Monday 7th September 2020. Students can access their results via the online portal from 9.00am that day.

Communicating with the School: As we are in very unprecedented times we would ask that students do not come to the school on Monday. This is contrary to the normal practice of Oatlands College of course but the times we are in dictate otherwise unfortunately.   The school will print off and post out a copy of results on request. In line with the School`s Covid-19 Response Plan and the restrictions on visitor access to the school, we would ask that students please contact the school or relevant staff member by email or phone in the first instance if they need to make contact rather than presenting at the school in person about such matters as college offers for example.   

Estimated Marking: LC 2020 students will be provided with access to their estimated mark and class ranking via the online portal on Monday 14th September. Teachers will not be in a position to share any information or data on the estimated marking or ranking process or outcomes with any person or under any circumstances.

Appeals: Details of the appeals process is to be communicated by the DES to both students and schools.  The appeals system will open on September 14th and all students will have access to their estimated grades and class ranking submitted by their school on this date. Access to estimated marks and class ranking will be via the student’s portal and will not involve the school. A student has a right to access their own ranking but not the ranking of any other student. 

Written Examinations: The 2020 postponed Leaving Certificate examinations (written only) will commence on Monday, 16th November, subject to public health advice and engagement with stakeholders.   The examinations will be scheduled for evenings and at weekends. Further details are being finalised and will be communicated by DES.

CAO offers and students seeking advice:  The CAO first round offers will be communicated electronically to candidates on Friday, 11th September at 2.00pm. Contact with Ms McDonagh (clodaghmcdonagh@oatlands.net) may be arranged on an appointment basis or via online engagement. The deadline for the acceptance of first round of CAO offers is Wednesday, 16th September at 3.00pm (to be confirmed). Ms McDonagh asks that all students please email to let her know what offers you got, are accepting and your plans otherwise for the year ahead. The Higher Education Institutes will contact you regarding registration dates once you have accepted your offer. Please note failure to accept an offer could eliminate you from college entry this year.

Mr Browne will send a Zoom meeting time to your school email account in advance on Friday`s meeting.

Best wishes,

Ms Garrett  

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