Letter Monday 24th August

Monday August 24th 2020.

Dear Parents/Guardians.

I hope this letter finds you and your families well and that your son[s] are looking forward to returning to Oatlands College.

This letter is just an update to keep you informed on where we are re preparing the College for  opening next week and the return of students and teachers.

The building has been zoned so that each year group will have their own base classrooms [as much as is possible to allow for practical subjects], toilets, entrance and exits. All of this logistic will be explained to your son[s] on their return.

Classrooms have been re-arranged in compliance with the COVID recommendations to allow social distancing and where rooms do not allow that we have invested in Perspex screening.

Corridors have been emptied and all unnecessary furniture and equipment has been removed to increase space for movement.

Signage is being organised this week and will be throughout the building indicating walkways, reminders re sanitization , use of PPE etc..

PPE provisions are now in the school and we will have hand sanitisers at every entrance/exit on corridors and in every classroom.

Just a few things you need to note.We would ask that your son bring a hygiene bag into school every day as part of his PPE, this should include hand sanitizing wipes or a gel, a spare mask, small bin bags and tissues. Please note-the College is providing every student with a cloth face mask on their return to school which is washable. PLEASE NOTE MASKS ARE COMPULSORY AT ALL TIMES.

If there is any student who is unable to wear a mask for medical reasons it is imperative that the College is contacted in advance of opening so we can look at alternatives.

Students are not to bring in books on the first day, a copy and pen will suffice the only exception is the First and Second Years who are asked to bring in their IPads. On that day as well as the normal induction we will be having COVID training, this will include hygiene etiquette and also familiarisation with the new arrangements within the building. All students are asked to also bring in their “Hygiene bag” so it’s purpose can be discussed.

We are also designing a map to facilitate students visualising the changes.

To facilitate students we will be uploading a virtual tour of the school later this week to give them an idea of what to expect on their return. This is especially important for new students. You will receive a text message when this video is posted on the website.

Whilst the canteen will not be a physical space we are hoping that the students will be able to continue to order food from Deirdre if they wish to do so. The logistics of this are being ironed out currently and hopefully it will work out but is open to review. We would ask that students not purchasing lunch bring in a labelled lunch box and as is the practice in Primary school we will be asking students to bring home their rubbish and waste.

This week we are looking at the pre and post school day re COVID and how the students will come and go safely from the College. Currently we are not considering staggered starts or finishes but this may change. There will be increased supervision in the yard to facilitate this.

Once again just to remind you that access to the College and the main office will be very limited and for emergency issues only.

This is as much as I can tell you at this moment but I will be contacting you later in the week re any further information you may require.

In the meantime I send you every best wish.

Kind regards,

Caroline Garrett.


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