Letter to Students Friday 15th January

Good morning all,
As you are aware, we had a DES scheduled school closure on Tuesday 19th January to allow our teaching staff to attend a Cluster Training day re JCT. This date was arranged a year ago and before the first COVID lockdown last March. After consultation with the staff, it has been decided that the College will NOT close on Tuesday January 19th and classes will continue for all years in the current blended format. The staff are very anxious that the online teaching will continue uninterrupted through this period of lockdown with as little interruption as is possible .
In short, your son will have class as arranged by each subject teacher next Tuesday.

I hope everything is going well in what I totally appreciate are most difficult circumstances. Just a little feedback, with a few exceptions your sons are really attaching to their classes and working very well. Please make sure to acknowledge that to them and encourage them to continue with the good work. Please do not hesitate to contact the Year Head, admin@oatlands.net or myself should there be any difficulty/issue.
Stay safe and have a good weekend, you/we have earned it.


Ms Garrett


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