Letter to Transition Year 11th May 2020

Hi All, 

Please make sure to accept invite to your TY interview via school email address. They will take place next week. 

TY zoom meetings continue to take place with Mr Enright and Mr Cullen. 
TY1 – 10 – 10.30am Tuesday 12th 
TY2 – 1 – 1.30pm Tuesday 12th 
TY3 – 1 – 1.30pm Wednesday 13th
TY4 – 12 – 12.30 pm Wednesday 13th 

In additional to your TY meeting this week you are expected to attend another zoom meeting on how best to prepare for your interview. 

TY1 – Tuesday 12th @ 11-12
TY2 – Tuesday 12th @ 2-3
TY3 – Wednesday 13th @ 11-12
TY4 – Wednesday 13th @ 2-3

For this zoom meeting with Michelle Harding she has asked for the following: 

Background should be suitable.

Dress appropriately – an ironed shirt or polo shirt, something with a collar. 

She will ask a number of students to speak for 1 minute on a topic of choice re TY. 

An email has been sent to your school account with the zoom information. 

Mr Cullen & Mr Enright

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