Message from Student Council President and Vice President

Speech from Louis

Hi lads, Louis here.

I hope you are all keeping well and haven’t been driven too mad in quarantine.

I wanted to write this email to you all just to touch base with everyone and to let everyone know that we're all going through the same thing. I myself have been slowly trying to get back into a routine of study, but its easier said than done. Couple that with the new form of learning we are pioneering and the brother or sister that’s really beginning to get on your nerves and you have the makings of a tough situation.

Sitting in my room looking out at the recent good weather, knowing that’s how we will all be spending this Summer is pretty tough. But I know for a fact that the disappointment of this Summer being stolen from us will be made up for by the excitement and the fun that will be had when the Leaving Cert is finally over with. We will still get to have the end of year celebrations such as Graduation Night and the DEBs, it'll just be a bit later than usual.

In her latest briefing from the flight deck Ms Tobin said that we would have had only 16 days of secondary school left, fewer now as I write this. To be honest I was taken aback at how the time had flown by (pun intended). I believe the LC will fly up on us again, albeit at a slower pace during the Summer months. While the thought of Summer study is just so wrong, we have to play the cards we were dealt and make the most of this extra time given to us.

We must continue to take care of each other and keep talking to one another. Having someone to talk to really helps you to decompress all the thoughts and emotions that build up while alone at home. I know myself that the past few weeks have been frustrating and I'd be lying to you if I said more of those days aren’t coming. Talking to anyone can be beneficial, even if it’s just talking crap to each other, it all helps. Go have a chat with your family, some of your friends you haven’t spoken to for a few days or even Ms Tobin, Ms Garrett and any of the teachers, or even Jacky and myself if you want.

Anyway, I've gone on long enough. Keep safe and don’t immediately run out and about when lockdown is finally lifted, we've got to try and think of those in a harder situation than ourselves.

We'll get through this, and then we can boast at how hard we had it compared to everyone else!

All the best, Louis

Speech from Jacky

Well lads,

Myself and louis are just checking in to see how we’re all doing during this pandemic. Leaving cert is postponed, Maga is cancelled and summer overall pretty much is canceled. No longitude, No graduation (well, in May anyway), no more chicken roles/sloppy lasagna from Deirdre. But it is important we come to terms with this reality with haste and avoid getting pulled into a state of moaning that doesn’t solve anything. Just slow it down, take your time to figure out what you’re gonna do and get back in gear with full speed. Its tough, we all know this, but its imperative that we take it on the chin and keep fighting. The most important thing is obviously to keep yourself in good health => mentally and physically. Make exercise a common practice and try your best not to eat too much crap and save any booze for the weekend. I’m no health freak myself, I may come out of this with a strong addiction to cheddar cheese and Ballymaloe. But sure look, you’ve seen loads of these types of emails from various clubs and groups etc. So, if you’re only going to take one thing from this message, take it as another push of encouragement at the very least.

With chatter of upcoming restrictions being nerfed a bit. It’s still very important we all stay home as much as possible. The harsh reality is that this virus will not be gone unless a vaccine is released, or we all contract it developing a herd immunity. Let’s wait it out for option one I think… other than that I’ve nothing else to voice except stay safe, stay at home and take care of yourself and don’t kill your family in the meantime.

Wagwan, Jacky

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