Pastoral Care


Pastoral Care should permeate all areas of school life.

In Oatlands College we facilitate the development of all members of our
school community. In our school community we foster relationships based on respect. We engender a sense of belonging to our school community where each individual is valued and his uniqueness is recognised. We promote a school community that is caring and positive. This work will be carried out in an environment that is both safe and secure for all in our school community. We believe Pastoral Care is the responsibility of the entire school community. This Pastoral Care system has the 5 elements of the Edmund Rice Charter at its core.

Oatlands College Year Heads 2022-2023

1st Year Head -  Mr David Enright

2nd Year Head – Mr Gus Lynch

3rd Year Head – Ms Helen O'Reilly

TY Year Head – Mr Shane Willoughby

5th Year Head – Ms Stevie Tobin  

6th Year Head – Ms Leigh Phelan

Oatlands College Tutor List 2022-2023

101 - 

102 - 

103 - 

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105 - 







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305 -

ERST Charter - Please click on this link to read more