Sheila O’Malley for Parents Council AGM

Sheila O’Malley

Sheila O’Malley is one of Ireland’s leading professional trainers/Public speakers in the area of Parenting and Wellbeing. Sheila has worked with many of Ireland’s top companies delivering seminars on family wellbeing and offering support and training for parents.Her speciality is her unique delivery which is active and engaging. Sheila combines a professional approach with a facilitative style that is warm and engaging and is always well received.She has been a correspondent for Independent Newspapers and ran a Parenting slot on TV as well as regular work on the Pat Kenny show.She holds a degree in Relationship Studies and is trained as a Parent and Relationships Mentor.She offers Parenting & Relationship Talks and Courses to Companies and Schools as well as a 1:1 Parent Support Service.

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